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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

First thing every morning, about 20 minutes before I eat my breakfast, I drink a big glass of warm lemon water. I've been doing this every morning for about a year now and it's become part of my daily routine that's extremely important and if I miss it out for any reason I don't feel quite so great for the rest of the day. But why is it something I swear by? What's so great about the humble lemon?

I've had digestive issues for any years, and it wasn't until March last year when I was diagnosed with coeliac disease that I understood why my poor stomach was so delicate. After I got diagnosed I decided I wanted to do all I could to help my tummy out, to aid my digestion in any way I could and to make things a little easier for my body to cope with. I'd heard of how great lemon was before, but hadn't experimented too much in how it actually made me feel so I decided to give it a go, what  did I have to lose? The promise of it's anti-bloating and digestion helping benefits sounded too good to miss out on.
From day 1 of drinking lemon water I noticed a difference - my stomach felt less delicate, my bloated wasn't as bad and that sore feeling in my whole tummy wasn't quite so unbearable! The more I continued sipping on lemon water every day the better my digestion became and I started to see other benefits too.

1. Lemons balance your bodies pH. Lemons, although acidic on their own, are actually incredibly alkalising foods in our bodies - an alkaline body is the key to a healthy, happy body. This means they help to balance our pH - an unbalanced pH (acidic environment) is a breeding ground for bad bacteria, helps nasty cells thrive and grow, upsets our digestive system, causes problems with our nervous system and muscle function suffers too.

2. Lemons boost your immune system. Nobody likes getting ill, and these little citrus fruits really help to fight off any nasty bugs. Lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C and potassium - great for fighting off viruses like colds, stimulating brain & nerve function and controlling blood pressure.

3. Lemon aids digestion. I mentioned earlier the amazing effect lemon water had on my digestion, that's because it really fires up the digestive system and cleanses the body. Lemon juice helps to release any unwanted toxins from the body and keep the digestive tract happy and healthy too.

4. Lemon juice promotes clear skin. Who doesn't want glowing, clear skin? Lemon juice is high in antioxidants that help to clear up blemishes, rid us of toxins and keep the skin looking radiant.

5.  Lemon juice can reduce feelings of stress. If like me you suffer with feelings of anxiety from time to time then lemon juice could help. Studies have shown that lemon is extremely calming on the body can can actually decrease symptoms of panic and depression too.

6. Lemon keeps your breath fresh.  Drinking lemon water means it's hard for bacteria to thrive inside your mouth, so it helps to keep your breath delightfully fresh.

7. Lemon reduces inflammation. Drinking lemon water on a regular basis removes uric acid in your joints, which is one of the main causes of inflammation - so it's especially helpful for those suffering with arthritis.

8. Lemon water helps you fight caffeine cravings. I've never been one for coffee, but studies have shown that drinking lemon water in the mornings instead of coffee can help you beat the cravings for your caffeine fix. It also means you don't get that midmorning crash!

I suggest drinking warm lemon water every morning before breakfast by filling a large mug up halfway with boiling water, adding the juice of half a lemon and topping up with cold water and also sipping on lemon infused water throughout the day to get extra tastes far more yummy than plain water too!

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