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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Why You Should Use Natural Deodorant

Clearly I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, and I try to do the right thing by my body in every way I can; I eat well, I exercise, I make sure to get fresh air and drink plenty of water. All these things are amazing at helping you stay happy and healthy, but something I feel people neglect is natural skincare products, and I was definitely the same until I looked into it more and realised just how much of a difference using natural, organic products is. I'm not going to pretend every piece of makeup, skincare and body care I own is natural but one change I've made to my routine is switching to natural deodorant, and I'm hoping to encourage more people to do the same.

I heard about natural deodorant on a blog and it got me thinking, I do so much for my body and avoid any toxic food & drink so why am I using a deodorant that's packed full of chemicals? That deodorant gets absorbed into our bodies which surely can't be good for us. When I started doing more research I was shocked to learn just how dangerous these products are, and I knew without any hesitation that I had to make the switch.

The deodorants on the market today that you'd find in your local supermarket or drugstore are full of chemicals that do undeniable damage to our bodies. The main problem with them is that they contain aluminium, which sounds gross enough right? Wait until I explain what it does to us.
Aluminium is a sweat blocking ingredient, which essentially means it closes and clogs your pores with its powerful salts. It interferes with the body's ability to regulate its own temperate and eliminate toxins...not good! Sweating, although something people tend to want to avoid, is actually a good and healthy thing for our bodies to do - it's natural and vital to bodily function and shouldn't be tampered with. Fair enough if you don't want to sweat throughout the day, but did you know that once the anti-perspirant wears off the underarm glands actually start to sweat a load more to compensate? Yuck!
Now it's about to get worse, Aluminium is a known neurotoxin and it's been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimers Disease. Most breast cancer develops in the upper outer part of the breast, the part closest to your armpit, and research suggests that aluminium compounds absorbed by the skin cause changes in oestrogen receptors in breast cells. In other words, aluminium actually changes your cells, pretty scary right? In addition to this, high levels of aluminium have been found in the brains of people suffering with Alzheimer's Disease.

If you're like me you'll now be feeling shocked, why is this stuff even allowed to be sold? Thankfully we have other options though, and no that doesn't mean you have to go deodorant free!
Body odour actually doesn't come from the sweat, the problem is when that sweat mixes with airborne bacteria. The solution is natural deodorant that kills the bacteria instantly! I have to admit, I was skeptical before making the switch, I didn't want to feel gross or be smelly (who does?), but that was naive of me. Firstly, our bodies actually sweat far less than you'd think (unless you're doing intense exercise) and secondly the natural deodorant completely stops any smell at all. It works far better than any other deodorant I've used, it's far less irritating, lasts longer on the skin and the deodorant stick itself lasts ages.
On top of potentially saving you from life threatening conditions, you avoid toxic chemical absorption and save money, plus you'll sweat less as your body balances out, you'll be doing good things for the environment and your underarms will never have felt so soft! Win win.

I use the Salt Of The Earth Deodorant, which is 100% natural, fragrance free, leaves no marks on clothing and is cheap too. There are loads of other brands on the market too, just steer clear of aluminium! 

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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