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Friday, 24 June 2016

Coconut & Strawberry Cupcakes (Vegan & GF)

I've got a bit of a thing about cakes at the moment; I don't know why but I just keep wanting to make cake! I think it's quite difficult to perfect a gluten free, vegan, healthy cake recipe so I like to try different things out and see what works best. My latest cake creation is these amazingly delicious Coconut & Strawberry Cupcakes!

I normally use nut butters in my cake recipes because it gives the sponge that fluffy texture but these are nut-butter free yet still have a delicious cake texture and hold together really well. They're a wonderful Summer cupcake because they're light and have that Summery taste of coconut and fresh strawberry - so good!

The sponge is made using a blend of ground almond, buckwheat flour and brown rice flour which create an amazing & healthy gluten free flour alternative, then there's the flaxseed to hold it together, the coconut sugar for delicious sweetness and coconut oil, as always! I added desiccated coconut into the sponge mixture which not only gives it that delicious taste but it adds a wonderful texture too. I topped the cupcakes with a fresh strawberry for a little Summery sweetness, colour and juicy taste - mmmm!

Yes, these cupcakes taste yummy but they're also little nutritional powerhouses. They're full of healthy fats to keep your heart in top condition, your hair shiny, your skin glowing and your metabolism ticking over, they're high in protein from the flours & ground almonds, contain omega-3 which is super important for cardiovascular health and these little cakes are high in fibre to give you slow-releasing energy and aid digestion. Fab, right?

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