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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Mexican Inspired Lunch Wrap

Lunch can be one of the most difficult meals if you're trying to eat a little healthier - especially if you're working all day. Salads can be a little boring, sometimes there isn't time for meal-prep and anything else can be difficult to take on the go. 

I'm sharing the quick, easy, healthy recipe for one of my favourite lunches at the moment. It's a delicious Mexican inspired wrap with hummus, salsa, black beans and other goodness! It's filling, high protein, with some healthy fats and plenty of nutrients. 

You can use a wholemeal wrap for this recipe if you're not avoiding gluten but I love the sweet potato wraps from BFree foods - not only are they gluten free but they're vegan, high fibre and high in vitamin E too...oh and they taste delicious, which is of course very important.

The wrap is full of so much plant-based goodness including hummus and salsa which add so much flavour to the wrap but also help to hold it together. There's black beans which I love and are a great source of protein, there's tomatoes and onion too as well as chopped coriander and black pepper for plenty of flavour. You could use guacamole instead of hummus for even more Mexican inspired flavour, but I just prefer hummus and find it pairs really well with the black beans.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tesco BBQ 'Shroom Buns (+ Tesco Vegan Offerings)

It's amazing to see more and more supermarkets widening their range of vegan products, focusing on plant-based ingredients and making plant-based cooking so much more accessible. Recently, Tesco have really upped their game with this and you can see they're really making an effort to cater for people following a vegan or plant-based diet. Not only is there a big selection of vegan friendly products on their shelves but they're sharing delicious meat, dairy and egg free recipes over on their website too!

One of their recent vegan recipes is BBQ 'Shroom Buns created by chef Derek Sarno which are a yummy seeded bun filled with BBQ mushrooms, lettuce, herbs, spices and onion. This recipe is great as it gives an almost meaty substance thanks to the mushrooms which is bound to satisfy both the veggies and the meat eaters out there. It also shows just how versatile veggie products can be - mushrooms aren't just for throwing in stews! I recreated Derek's recipe at home (see below) and it really was scrumptious.

Tesco sharing recipes that showcase plant-based ingredients is really exciting - they're really proving that vegetarian or vegan meals aren't bland and boring, they're not tasteless and unsatisfying but rather they're full of colour, textures, spice and herbs! They're getting the point across that you don't need meat to make a meal and that putting your focus on lots of veggies can be really beneficial to your health and it tastes incredible too. Hey, it's not all carrot sticks and hummus you know!

Tesco's Food Love Stories campaign is all about finding that story behind a meal and proving that special dishes don't need to be laden with sugar and salt to be delicious. Often it's about making simple swaps but will boost the nutritional value of your meal, make you feel incredible and perhaps even make your meals that much tastier. Derek shares his passion for cooking with plants and the inventive recipe in a short video, which you can watch here. You hear why he loves incorporating plants into his dishes, his philosophy that food should be more than just what it tastes like but whether it's good for the environment and whether it's sustainable, which I think is really important too.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mango, Passion Fruit & Baobab Tropical Smoothie

As it's coming into Summer I thought I should share my favourite tropical smoothie with you all, featuring one of my favourite superfoods.

This mango, passion fruit & baobab smoothie with zesty lime is just the perfect afternoon snack, cool drink on a warm day or you could even have it for breakfast perhaps with some protein powder and/or oats thrown in too. It's so filling, so full of tropical flour, so bursting with vitamins and minerals and most important, so delicious!

I've used mango in this smoothie as it creates such a thick and creamy texture, especially with the added banana too. It also gives a beautifully tropical taste which is taken to the next level with the passion fruit and lime. The magic ingredient however is Bumbleroot Baobab Powder.....carry on reading to find out why.

These smoothie is brimming with fruits that are full of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants to help your skin glow, boost your energy, fight off any colds and just leave you feeling incredible. The ingredient that really adds a huge boost of vitamins is the baobab powder which is one of my favourite superfoods! I've used Bumbleroot 100% Organic Baobab Powder in this smoothie which is super high in vitamin C, is a great source of dietary fibre, has even more antioxidants than blueberries or acai and tastes so yummy!

Baobab powder comes from an African fruit that's packed full of nutritional goodness! The baobab tree holds green coloured pods that once cracked open hold a white powder where all the goodness lies! Baobab is most famous for being high in vitamin C - in fact it has six times more vitamin C than an orange! Vitamin C is a crucial vitamin in our body - we need it not only to fight off illnesses but it's also responsible for aiding the growth and repair of tissues in the body, it's vital for skin, bone and teeth health and without the super vitamin our body would become weak and fatigued. So, making sure you're hitting your daily recommended dose of vitamin C every day is important!

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

SUPA - The Superfood Subscription Box Review

There's a million and one foodie subscription boxes on the market and more are appearing every single day, so it's hard to find one that really stands out and us a uniqueness about it. So when SUPA contacting me about trying their new superfood subscription box I kinda of expected the same as every other box out there, but I was delighted to see that SUPA was that bit different.

SUPA is a monthly subscription box service that shares the world's most powerful and nutritious foods. Their aim is to help everyone enjoy the taste and discover the health benefits of real powerful superfoods in a convenient way and be inspired by easy, nutritious recipes which are included in the box. What's different about SUPA is that their products are more superfood ingredient based rather than snack based, and each month brings a new theme. For the month of May, SUPA delivered a little taste of India right to my doorstep and I was so excited to see the diverse, exciting, bright products inside the SUPA box.

The May box, inspired by India, was full of amazing products. Some of which I'd tried before and some of which I hadn't! There was moringa powder which is amazing in smoothies, organic turmeric powder which is traditionally used in curries in India but I also love it in soup, turmeric lattes, dips, hummus and even porridge, star anise which is a fabulous spice, himalayan pink salt crystals which I totally swear by - so much tastier than regular salt and far better for you, saffron and a packet of ready-cooked beluga lentils which are actually one of my favourite products, I love adding them to chilli, to salads and mixing them together with loads of veggies and a tomato sauce.

Also included in the SUPA subscription box was a booklet that firstly introduced you to this months box and explained the reason behind the theme, then went on to give you a little bit of information about each product and it's place in Indian cuisine and then at the end of the booklet there was a recipe using each of the products from the SUPA box. I think the recipe section is great, it's bursting with beautiful photographs and I found it really inspired me to get in the kitchen and start using my new superfood products straight away! It also means if you receive a product you're unsure of you'll always have a way you can use it.

You can purchase a trial box from SUPA for £19.99 which may sound a little pricey but you really do get top quality products and wonderful recipes to keep. There's also absolutely no commitment if you choose to subscribe to the box - you can cancel at any time with a money back guarantee.

I'm genuinely really impressed with the quality of the SUPA box. You can tell real thought has gone into the products, real passion comes from the team and the added details like the recipe inspiration makes a huge difference. I think this box would be ideal for anyone who loves cooking and would make a thoughtful present for wannabe chefs!

- this blog post contains a paid advertorial from SUPA but all opinions remain my own, as always -

Monday, 8 May 2017

Banana & Blueberry Waffles - Gluten Free (Feat. Mornflake)

This week is Coeliac Awareness Week so I've teamed up with Mornflake to create a delicious Banana & Blueberry Waffle recipe using their amazing gluten free jumbo oats!

I myself suffer with coeliac disease and was diagnosed 2 years ago, so this week is really important to me as I want to raise awareness for what a life effecting, serious disease coeliac is. If you don't know, coeliac disease is an auto-immune condition which means your small intestine is hypersensitive to gluten, causing it to become very inflamed and unable to digest foods and absorb nutrients. I was very unwell before getting my diagnosis and continue to struggle with the condition 2 years on.

It's incredibly important to avoid all traces of gluten if you have coeliac disease, which means purchasing certified gluten free products to make sure you're not running the risk of cross contamination. Luckily Mornflake have two varieties of certified  gluten free oats which make eating porridge and healthy baking that much easier for me!

This is a quote from the Mornflake website which will really put your mind at ease if you suffer with coeliac disease -

'Our fields are checked meticulously to make sure there isn't anything growing in them that's not meant to be there! After we've harvested our oats, we store them ready to be milled. Here, we test each and every batch for gluten, as well as at an independent lab to make extra sure! So, not only is our Gluten Free Range the great quality and taste you've come to expect from us, rest assured it's also well and truly gluten free'

As I mentioned above, Mornflake have two varieties of gluten free oats (which are coeliac approved!) - porridge oats which are super fast to cook and a delicious texture, as well as jumbo oats which are perfect for baking. I used the Mornflake jumbo oats in this waffle recipe to create wonderfully crispy yet light waffle texture that just can't be beaten!
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