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Monday, 22 January 2018

Plant-Based Tesco Bolognese - AD

January is a popular month for vegan eating, but some people can find converting to a more plant-based diet quite difficult and perhaps a little daunting. It can be confusing knowing where to shop, what ingredients to pick up and coming up with fun, interesting and delicious new meal ideas may seem like a mammoth task. Luckily, Tesco are making that transition a whole lot easier with their wide range of vegan friendly ingredients and vast range of 'free-from' goodies. Not only are the aisles of their supermarkets brimming with plant-based ingredients but their website also hosts a whole range of vegan recipes to give you inspiration for months worth of meals!

I'm working with Tesco to show you one of their delicious vegan recipes, this Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese - recipe here! Not only is it completely vegan but this wonderful recipe can also be easily adapted to fit other dietary requirements. For example, as I can't eat gluten I swapped the normal spaghetti for Tesco's gluten free spaghetti and soy sauce for tamari (also found at Tesco).

This meal is brimming with plant-based ingredients such as carrots, aubergine, tomatoes, protein-packed lentils, oregano and even vegan red wine (I used an amazing merlot)! The recipe really impressed me, because although it may seem like a slightly fancier bolognese recipe when you read through the ingredients the recipe is extremely easy to follow, doesn't require much preparation and tastes absolutely out of this world. The flavours are truly something special - who knew adding soy sauce and balsamic vinegar to a bolognese would be such a game changer? To give this vegan bolognese a little something extra I sprinkled Tesco's 'Free-From' Italian Style Hard Cheese' on top which was really yummy - I'd highly recommend trying out the Tesco own brand dairy free cheese. I made this meal for my whole family who absolutely loved it - included my meat-eating dad and my ultra fussy sister!

So, whether you're plant-based or not, recipes such as this true winter warmer are perfect for keeping you feeling satisfying, warm and full of energy this year.

Get the full bolognese recipe on the Tesco website here!

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