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Monday, 5 March 2018

Creamy Leek & Spinach Pasta (Vegan)

I've always loved a creamy pasta dish with the mouth-wateringly smooth texture and comforting flavours. Following a dairy free diet you might think I can no longer enjoy such delights, but that's where you'd be wrong! Recipes such as this Creamy Leek & Spinach Pasta satisfy that creamy pasta craving whilst only containing plant based ingredients, yes that's right, this dish is vegan friendly!

The creamy sauce is made using soaked cashews, butternut squash and nutritional yeast (as well as a few other little ingredients) which when combined together make this magically creamy and rich cheese like sauce which honestly I could eat by the spoonful! I adore the addition of leeks and spinach too, I just find they work so well with the creaminess of the sauce and add a welcome freshness to this fairly rich recipe. When stirred into cooked pasta it becomes major comfort food but each mouthful is full of so much nutritional goodness that'll leave you feeling on top of the world.

Nutrition wise this recipe really is a winner. It contains healthy fats, good for you carbohydrates and plant based protein, as well as plenty of all important fibre, vitamin E, potassium (important for bone health), vitamin B6 (essential for the nervous system) and vitamin A (crucial for neurological function). Delicious and nutritious!

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