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Monday, 28 December 2015

Chilli & Basil Hummus

Hummus is my go to savoury snack, it's safe to say I'm pretty obsessed with the stuff! I used to always buy my hummus from the supermarket, but since becoming more health-conscious and enjoying making all my own food I decided to make my own and I haven't looked back. 

Before I started making my own hummus I thought I'd be expensive or tricky to do but it's actually super easy (you just chuck everything into a blender) and far cheaper than buying the small tubs of hummus from the shops. Making your own hummus is also a lot more healthy as the shop bought ones can often contain preservatives and even if they don't they're made with a high amount of rapeseed oil that just isn't the healthy powerhouse olive oil is.
I love experimenting with different hummus flavours, and recently came up with this chilli and basil mix which is so delicious I just had to share the recipe!

This Chilli & Basil hummus has a wonderfully rich flavour thanks for the extra-virgin olive oil and fresh basil and a great kick thanks to the chilli flakes. It's the perfect hummus to dip your carrot sticks into, to top salads with or to spread on top of toast. It provides you with a good amount of protein from the chickpeas and tahini which not only are important for keeping your body strong but it'll also keep you feeling fuller for longer and balance out your sugar-levels. Hummus is also a wonderful source of iron and fibre, so get stuck in!

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