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Friday, 22 January 2016

Healthy Shopping Tips

Shopping can lead to unhealthy temptations, maybe your favourite chocolate bar is on sale or perhaps the selection of cheeses is too good to resist. There's temptation everywhere and it can be difficult to steer clear of the processed foods and refrain from putting them in your trolley, but we all know that if you purchase these products you'll end up eating them and that's not what when we're aiming for a healthy, happy body. 

As time's gone on I've found my self control to have become a million times better and I no longer even have the slightest urge to buy sweets, croissants, cupcakes or pizza. This is partly due to my body adjusting and no longer craving artificial ingredients (did you know they're addictive?) but also because I love the food I eat so much and know how wonderful eating clean makes me feel...I don't want to change that, why would I? 
If you're at the beginning of your healthy, happy journey maybe you're struggling with sticking to only the nourishing food on your shopping list and always end up grabbing other items you maybe didn't really want. If that sounds like you then I've got some advice! 

Shop Online
I love going food shopping, eyeing up all the new products and having a good browse but shopping online is a far better solution to avoid temptation. When you shop online you can search for the exact items you want rather than traipsing around the shop and coming into contact with sweets, chocolate and refined carbohydrates - you're then far less likely to buy unhealthy foods and drink. There's also something more tempting about seeing a pack of pan au chocolates in person than seeing a photo, don't you think?
I'd highly recommend Ocado as an online shopping service, their delivery is superb and their selection of food and drink is second to none. They have plenty of delicious healthy foods (including raw chocolate, un-pasterised juices, organic veggies, gluten free oats and natural snacks) and great bargains to be found too!

Don't Shop When You're Hungry
You've heard this one before, I'm sure! Never go shopping when you're hungry! When you're hungry any food is going to look delicious - that packet of crisps will look more appealing and cadburys is calling your name. Your body knows when it needs energy, so if it's hungry and wants food you'll be reaching for anything convenient rather than the wholesome, nutritious, delicious food you could be enjoying instead. Make sure to have a snack before you head to the shops, that way your tummy will be satisfied and you won't have those cravings.

Stock Up On Fruit & Veg
I love browsing the fruit and vegetable section in the supermarket - it's all relatively cheap, there are always deals on and I find it interesting to see what new, in season produce is in stock. Fresh fruit & vegetables should make up a lot of your meals, so pick up as much natural goodness as you can! I always buy spinach, kale, carrots, onions, avocado, broccoli, courgettes, apples, blueberries and bananas - remember to buy organic if you can.

Avoid The 'Bad' Aisles
Luckily a lot of the unhealthy foods are compiled together so the best thing to do is avoid those aisles altogether. If you're following a plant-based diet it's highly unlikely you're going to need anything down the dairy aisle so don't go down there, the same goes for the chocolate aisle and the fizzy drink aisle. If you don't wander down there you can't pick up the badies!

Plan Your Meals
I'm a big believer in listening to your body, so I don't tend to write strict meal plans for the week but it's a good idea to sit down on a Sunday and plan the meals you think you'll want during the week - you don't have to put a meal to a day, just jot down lunches & dinners you love and put the ingredients you need for these dishes onto your shopping list.
If you're organised and have a plan for what you're going to cook you won't be stuck trying to think of a quick, easy meal and reach for the microwaveable mash, oven chips or ready-meals. Preparation is key.

Avoid Anything Branded As 'Low Fat' or 'Low Sugar'
Products branded as 'low fat' or 'low sugar' are 99% of the time pupped full of all sorts of chemicals, preservatives, salt and trans fats - all things that will harm your body and mind. I'm sure at one time or another we've all been tempted by the promise of a low calorie snack or a ready-meal low in fat, but remember just because they're low in these two things it doesn't mean they're healthy, good for you or will help you achieve a happy body. Stick to the natural, whole foods and avoid processed items.

Check Your Trolly Before Heading To The Checkout
Before you make your way to the checkout take a minute to look through you trolly. Go through everything thinking 'is this good for my body?', if it's not then take it out. I'm not saying never have chocolate or a packet of crisps occasionally but if the majority of your trolly is made up of 'convince foods', cheese, pizza, burgers, oven chips and sweets then maybe remove a few items.

Those are my top tips on succeeding in a healthy shopping trip! I hope you found this post helpful and it aids you in your journey to health & happiness!

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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