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Monday, 25 January 2016

Tomato, Butterbean & Basil Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are one of my favourite vegetables and I include them in a lot of my meals. I adore the thick, meaty, wonderful texture and the flavour of them - plus they go with practically any dish!
As I love mushrooms so much I decided to make a meal with mushrooms as the focus, say hello to these delicious tomato, butterbean and basil stuffed mushrooms.

My Tomato, Butterbean & Basil Stuffed Mushrooms are simply divine - they're bursting with amazing flavours like basil, spicy chilli, sweet red pepper and tangy lemon combined with hearty butterbeans  and creamy tahini for an amazing combination. They're super tasty enjoyed only with a side salad but they also work brilliantly as a main meal with sweet potato wedges and spinach or perhaps some herb & lemon quinoa.

Mushrooms not only taste delicious but did you know they're a real happy food? Mushrooms are high in vitamin B which are vital for helping us sustain a good mood. B vitamins are also needed to turn food into energy, help the body metabolise fats & protein, contribute to skin health and support the digestive system. As well as bursting with B vitamins mushrooms contain a high amount of selenium, which is very anti-inflammatory and prevents cell damage.
Mushrooms are the only vegetable to produce vitamin D, which is essential for our body. Vitamin D is needed for bone health, calcium absorption, gut health and promoting a happy mood as well.
All these benefits are phenomenal, and that's just from the mushrooms! The other ingredients in this dish provide you with amazing plant-based proteins, healthy fats from the tahini, cleansing properties from the lemon, immune boosting power from the garlic, lots of vitamin C from the pepper and anti-oxidants from the tomatoes.

This quick, simple, cheap and easy meal will leave you feeling energised, happy and satisfied!

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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