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Friday, 11 March 2016

Finding Your Own Balance

Healthy living shouldn't be at the expensive of your happiness, it shouldn't make you feel pressured and it shouldn't make you not enjoy food anymore. Healthy eating is not a diet and it shouldn't be restrictive, that's why I always encourage people to find a balance that works for them...and that'll be different for all of us. For me I do eat this way 95% of the time, I'll occasionally eat refined sugar but only at times like Christmas, I drink alcohol rarely and keep processed foods to the very minimum but that's because it makes me feel amazing, I love the lifestyle and I don't crave anything else. For you it may be different, you might feel happier occasionally having a takeaway, indulging in Lindt chocolate or buying a cupcake and that's totally okay.

Happiness should come first, and while I encourage everyone to add more veggie goodness into their lives I absolutely don't expect anyone to become 100% vegan, gluten free, refined sugar free, or processed food free, especially to begin with! What I promote is introducing healthy foods into your daily routine, so try swapping chips for sweet potato wedges, make your porridge with almond milk, add a portion of spinach to your meal, eat brown rice instead of white and reduce refined sugar. Incorporating healthy changes into your lifestyle is an amazing way to find foods you love and it doesn't feel like you're following some strict diet, you'll love the food you're eating and you'll feel great!

Over time you'll become more confident with making your own recipes, you'll become more in tune with your body and you'll know what it needs to feel good. You'll become obsessed with almond butter, you'll crave smoothies, you'll desperately want some avocado on toast and spicy veggie curries, homemade pesto pasta & lentil bolognese will become your best friends. That's the goal! When I first transitioned to a plant based lifestyle I absolutely wasn't eating the same way as I am now, but phasing things out slowly is what made me realise my body didn't need those artificial foods anymore and I no longer craved cheese, ice-cream and iced coffee but instead I crave kale, spinach, sweet potatoes...I never thought I'd say that! Yes I still crave the sweet things but I want raw chocolate, homemade black bean brownies or a cacao smoothie. Perhaps you'll get to this stage too but if you don't that's fine, everyone's needs are different and we must embrace that but just have faith in your body and listen to it. No 'diet' or lifestyle is a one size fits all and that's important to remember. What works for me might not work for you and what is right for your next door neighbour may not be right for you.

The main theme here is finding health and happiness - that means doing what you enjoy. There's no point transitioning to a lifestyle you hope will bring you health if you're miserable the whole time, health and happiness go hand in hand.

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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