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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Easy Tomato & Basil Courgetti

This tomato & basil courgetti recipe is not only the most simple recipe ever but it's also incredibly flavoursome, delicious and nutritious! It makes the perfect lunch or light dinner and you could substitute the courgetti for brown rice spaghetti for a more hearty meal if you wanted to.  I'm obsessed with courgetti at the moment and this easy sauce goes perfectly with're going to love it!

This recipe may be simple but that doesn't make it any less scrumptious and satisfying. The mixture of cherry tomatoes and spinach is one I never could tire off and the combination of basil, lemon, chilli & oregano creates a mouth-wateringly fresh and tangy taste that is a real crowd pleaser.

I find courgetti works so well in this recipe but if you don't have a spiraliser don't worry, you can use ordinary brown rice spaghetti or try making courgette stripes with a potato peeler (this is what I did before I bought my spiraliser!).

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