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Friday, 29 April 2016

Frozen Fruit & Vegetables As Good As Fresh?

Buying frozen fruit & vegetables is a great way to save money and to avoid waste, but have you ever wondered whether they're as nutritional as fresh? Many people avoid buying fresh produce as they're worried that it's lacking in those amazing vitamins & minerals we all want. There's no question that fresh produce is great, especially the organic kind, but that doesn't mean you should completely avoid frozen.

Frozen fruit & vegetables are actually harvested at their prime then frozen shortly afterwards meaning they're at their nutritional peak and aren't going to spoil or lose valuable vitamins & minerals. You do however have to be careful in the way you cook frozen produce as boiling them can diminish nutrients and kill the goodness your body needs, it's best to stick to gently steaming to make sure the yummy vitamins remain locked in!

The best thing about buying frozen is that you can enjoy all sorts of fruit & vegetables at a cheaper price, so if you're strapped for cash and think you can't afford to buy all fresh then get to the frozen aisle of the supermarket and stock up! They're also great if you live alone and want to avoid waste; fresh fruit & veggies tend to go off quickly whereas frozen last for ages....yay for not chucking away food! On top of this, if you're worried about pesticides you can buy organic produce for a far lesser price if it's frozen - I particularly like buying frozen organic spinach to chuck into smoothies.

While you may think frozen is less convenient there's actually loads of ways to incorporate it into your diet such as adding berries or mango to smoothies, stirring blueberries into porridge as it's cooking, adding frozen veggies to stir fry/curries/stews and making delicious desserts.

As a general rule I'd say when fruit & veggies are in season buy them fresh & local as they're inexpensive and taste better but when they're out of season try the frozen variety. You'll get a high concentration of nutrients and they're going to cost you less money too, winner!

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