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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Sweet Potato & Broccoli Masala Curry

Curry is without a doubt one of my favourite meals. I honestly don't think there's anything quite like a delicious homemade curry with fresh ingredients, amazing spices and yummy brown rice.
I love how many different flavour combinations you can create when it comes to curry but this recipe I'm sharing with you today is my go-to at the moment, it's sweet potato & broccoli masala curry made with coconut milk and amazing spices so every mouthful is an explosion of flavour & goodness.

I made this masala curry for my family and they completely devoured it, said how much they loved it and it's been requested again numerous times since. This curry is such a crowd pleaser as it's got the perfect mixture between a nice spice whilst not being overpowering due to the delicious coconut milk. You can spice it up more by adding more cayenne pepper or completely leave it out if you're not a fan of spicy food at all! The sweet potato, broccoli and spinach add so much colour, taste, texture and goodness to this meal that every bite is like a little bit of, due to all the veggie goodness and heartiness of the potato even the biggest meat eaters won't miss the lack of meat in this dish.

This curry tastes delicious, yes, but it's also loaded with amazing goodness that your body so desperately wants and needs. Sweet potato contains a wealth of vitamin A which is needed to strengthen your immune system and is great for glowing skin too! They're also rich in anti-oxidants and even help regulate blood sugar levels. The broccoli in this dish will boost your vitamin K levels which is important for healthy bones and the green super vegetable also contains a huge amount of vitamin C  and potassium, great for keeping your immune system strong and maintaining a healthy, happy heart. With the addition of spinach, peas, super-spices and brown rice you really do get a nutritional power-house of a meal here!

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