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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Staying Healthy When You Work In An Office

When you have a job in an office it means you're sitting all day, staring at a computer, stuck inside and are inactive.  It can make you feel sluggish, tired and like you're not doing your body any good when your day is like this and that can be made even worse by endless cups of coffee, picking up an unhealthy lunch from the Costa around the corner or snacking on a Mars bar whilst getting your work done. It may be a little bit more difficult to live an active, healthy lifestyle when you work in an office but it's completely do-able and the littlest things you can do make a huge difference.

Drink More Water
Making sure you're hydrated throughout the day is the easiest and best way to help you feel healthier and even increase your energy. Dehydration causes headaches, fatigue and poor concentration so keep a big bottle of water with you at your desk to avoid this becoming a problem for you. I like to put a slice of lemon in my water to make it taste really yummy and help detoxify my system but you can use mint or strawberries too!

Take A Packed Lunch
It's your lunch break and you head to the shops for a meal deal, you pick up a sandwich, a packet of crisps and a can of coke....come 3pm you'll get a drop in your blood sugar levels, your energy will dramatically decrease and you'll feel sluggish. You may have even intended on buying a healthy lunch but the pressures of your job or the urge for comfort food overtook and you ended up making some not so healthy choices and filled your body with toxins rather than the nourishing goodness it needs. Making a packed lunch the evening before work is a great way to make sure you don't head to the local shop for a meal deal or pop into McDonalds for a burger & chips, plus it takes so little time and will taste far nicer too....oh, and you'll save money! You could make a salad with quinoa, spinach, red pepper, tomato, beans and hummus or brown rice pasta with pesto, plus a snack like a banana, raw energy balls or homemade cookie to see you through that 4pm slump before clocking off.  If you're low on time in the evenings do some meal preparation on Sunday - cook a large batch of quinoa, cut up all your veggies, make a salad dressing, buy some beans or cook some lentils ready to throw together in a couple of minutes when you need them!

Go For A Walk On Your Break
It may be tempting to just sit at your desk or in the staff room eating lunch but getting your legs moving, your circulation going and filling your lungs with fresh air will do you so much good! Even if a 10 minute walk around the block is all you do I promise you'll feel better for it - your energy will increase, you'll feel refreshed, your digestion will improve and you'll even get a little vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin, AKA a happiness booster!).

Move Every Hour
Every hour make sure you get up and move for a couple of minutes as sitting still for long periods of time has damaging effects on the body, your mind and your digestion. Getting up for a quick stretch (the powers of stretching are underrated!) will make you feel so good! You could even just get up to fill your water bottle up, make a cup of herbal tea or have a little gossip with your colleague at the other side of the building....just don't let your boss catch you!

Use The Stairs
Instead of taking the easy (and lazy) option of hopping in a lift or jumping on the escalator use the stairs to get in a bit exercise, get your heart working a little harder and using your legs for what they're for! If you work in a really high-rise building you can get out of the lift a couple of floors early then use the stairs to get to your excuses!

Keep Healthy Snacks In Your Draw
We all get peckish throughout the day so having healthy snacks on hand is really important to stop you digging into the biscuits in the staff room, heading to the vending machine or popping out to buy a bar of chocolate. I'd suggest keeping some snacks in your desk draw to munch on when hunger strikes - maybe a little pot of nuts, homemade trail mix, energy balls, a Nakd bar or if you have a fridge at your workplace carrot sticks and hummus is a great snack!

If you can manage to incorporate all these things into your routine you'll feel a million times better and you'll feel good at the end of the day instead of sluggish and tired. Every little thing helps, just make sure you drink plenty of water and get that beautiful body of yours moving!

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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