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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Battle Of The Coconut Yogurts

Yogurt is a staple in a lot of peoples diets, whether it's with granola and fresh fruit for breakfast, a dollop in homemade chilli or as a dessert I think it's safe to say we've all had it and most of us love the creamy, delicious taste. Going dairy-free doesn't mean you have to miss out on a simple thing like yogurt and there are so many options in the supermarket these days for cows milk-free yogurt alternatives! There's loads of soya yogurts out there but if you read my milk-alternatives blog post you'll know soya isn't the best option and it shouldn't be consumed regular, so what other dairy-free yogurt is there? Coconut yogurt! Coconut yogurt is a fairly new thing but more and more brands are coming out with their own varieties and it's becoming incredibly popular thanks to it's creamy taste and better-for-you nutritional profile. I'm a huge fan of coconut yogurt and have tried the 4 main brands out there, so which is best? Let me compare....

Coyo was the first brand of coconut yogurt and it remains the one I buy most often and definitely my favourite. Coyo was launched in 2012 and since then it's won countless awards and has become the leading brand of coconut yogurt with it being stocked all over the place - including Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and more! Coyo is one of the more pricey options (at £2 for 125g) but I think that's expected and a fair price for the quality of the product. Coyo is ultra creamy and rich, every mouthful just melts in your mouth, which is thanks to the fact they use 1 whole coconut per 100g and the natural flavour is made from 99% pure coconut milk! These yogurts also contain live vegan yogurt cultures (AKA probiotics) which are great for gut health. They are completely free of chemicals and pesticides, there's no added sugar or starches and the little pots of goodness are produced in an allergen-free factory - amazing!  Coyo comes in the following flavours - natural, vanilla, raw chocolate, salted caramel and matcha as well as a few options that have a fruity bottom layer - cherry, mango and berry. The vanilla and salted caramel options are my favourite, they're a complete dream.  Coyo is also a very ethical and sustainable company, which is very important to me.

Coconut Collaborative
The coconut collaborative is another brand I really like and keep going back. These yogurts are a lot more like normal flavoured yogurts you get in a pot, as apposed to Coyo which is thicker and more like a greek yogurt consistency, which makes it perhaps a better option for people nervous about trying a dairy-free yogurt option and/or children. They're less expensive than Coyo too at £1.69 for 120g. Coconut Collaborative is another brand that's widely available and stocked in Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsburys, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and more. There's also quite a few yogurt flavours to choose from, so I guarantee there'll be one you like - these include natural, raspberry, mango & passion fruit and blueberry. All the yogurts are refined sugar free but they do contain cornflour and potato starch which aren't things to consume too often if you're trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, that being said they aren't harmful and are a lot better to consume than the refined sugars in other yogurts.  Coconut Collaborative are also ethical and sustainable!

Rebel Kitchen
I'm a huge fan of Rebel Kitchen as a brand, if you haven't tried their dairy free mylks yet you absolutely must...the chai one is a dream! So when I saw they had a released a range of dairy free yogurts I was super excited and expected great things. Rebel Kitchen are definitely a health-conscious brand so I knew the yogurts wouldn't contain refined sugars or nasty preservatives, and I was right - all the ingredients are natural, organic and non GMO which is reflected in the price, as you'd expect, and these little pots of goodness come in at £2.49 for 125g (although currently on offer on Ocado for £1.99). I love the fact these yogurts are made from such great ingredients, that it's all raw and organic, but I think the price is a little too expensive for what you get. I was slightly disappointed with the texture of these yogurts, they're very thick which I like but they're not smooth and the flavours don't excite me and I don't think I'll be repurchasing unless they're on offer again!

I've used the Koko coconut milk for quite a while but only recently tried their coconut yogurt and I have to say I was very impressed! It's quite similar to Coconut Collaborative in terms of texture, it's got that runnier consistency, but it's still super tasty and creamy. It's also a lot cheaper than the other brands, the 500g pot of plain coconut yogurt is only £1.85! The ingredients for this yogurt aren't as natural as the other two with there being modified starch, dextrose and salt but the natural flavour is refined sugar free so that's something! The flavoured varieties (there's strawberry, raspberry, peach & passion fruit and coconut & lemon) do contain refined sugar unfortunately. Yoko is a good option if you don't want to spend much money on a dairy-free yogurt, want the same taste & texture as the yogurt you're used to and only want it as an occasional treat.

Coyo is by far my favourite brand of coconut yogurt, from the taste to the ingredients, the brand ethos to the packaging... I  just love it all and couldn't recommend them enough! However, if you're looking for an easy transition to a dairy-free yogurt I'd say try Coconut Collaborative, they're not so expensive and the texture is closer to that of a normal pot of yogurt.

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