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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Creamy Banana-Free Chocolate Smoothie

Creamy, thick, sweet chocolate smoothies are just a dream, right? Nothing compares to sipping on an ice cold chocolatey beverage and nothing compares to this recipe I have for you today.

Yes, it's healthy & loaded with nutrients but does it taste like it's lacking anything? No. Does it taste indulgent? You betcha!

The difference between this healthy chocolate smoothie and others is that it contains no fruit! Yep, no bananas or hiding within there and there's nothing that'll spike your blood sugar levels or make that carbohydrate intake suddenly increase. The secret ingredient? Avocado! Before you judge, trust me when I say you can't actually taste avocado - it just takes on the flavour of all the other wonderful ingredients but creates the smoothest, creamiest and insanely thick texture that you'll want to just bathe in.

This low-sugar smoothie is perfect for those watching their blood sugar levels or trying to up their healthy-fat intake for heart health, glowing skin, shiny hair, a mood boost and it can even help with weight loss. As well as avocado I've included almond butter which just adds to the creaminess, and chocolate and almond butter is just a match made in heaven! Then there's the cacao powder for chocolatey goodness and a major dose of antioxidants along with a spoonful of raw honey for added sweetness with none of the bad stuff. Perfection!

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