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Monday, 22 August 2016

Do I Always Eat 'Clean'? - An Honest Post -

Do I always eat 'clean'? This is a question I get asked quite a lot and I think it's something that's important to discuss. Firstly, I don't particularly like the term 'eat clean' because it insinuates some food is 'dirty' or 'bad' which I don't think is a very healthy attitude to have but my understanding of 'clean' food is non-processed, natural, plant-based, whole foods which of course are miracle workers for overall health & wellbeing. But do I always eat a completely natural, unrefined diet? Nope. I don't. Surprised? I hope you're not.

My focus is always on eating a nourishing, wholesome, natural diet because that's what makes my body feel amazing, gives me energy, keeps my mood lifted and I love the tastes, flavours & textures but that doesn't mean every single thing I put into my body is 100% natural and I think that's healthy. To me, health doesn't mean restriction or deprivation but it means enjoyment and happiness so why would I tell myself I'm not allowed certain foods just because they contain sugar or artificial ingredients? No, I'm not going to eat these more processed foods every day because I end up feeling sluggish, depressed and the tastes aren't as fresh and flavoursome but if I'm out and want a sugar-laden dessert, a fancy cocktail or some crisps then I will have them and not feel bad for doing so.

In this industry and within the blogging world there are many people who claim to eat this 'clean' diet 100% of the time and I can tell you without question at least 95% of those people aren't being truthful and if they are being truthful then it's a very unhealthy and irresponsible message to be sending out.
I believe it's extremely important to let people know it's okay to not stick to a plant-based, natural diet 24/7 and it's actually far healthier to be able to eat ice cream, a cookie or some chips and not care than to either restrict yourself and tell yourself you can't have those foods because they're not good for you or to eat those foods then be filled with guilt. Food should give you nothing but happiness and life's too short to not have those few drinks with the girls, indulge in a slice (or two) of cake and dunk those biscuits in your cup of tea. I'm not suggesting this should be a daily occurrence because chances are that'll lead to your mental & physical health suffering but every so often it's normal, healthy and you shouldn't feel negatively for doing so.

I love food and everything about it so restricting myself, constantly assessing whether something's healthy or not and counting calories definitely aren't things I do to remain healthy or happy. I listen to what my body needs and go with the flow!

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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