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Friday, 19 August 2016

Matcha Oreo Cookies

Oreo's are the worlds best-selling cookie with well over 450 billion being sold since their debut but they're not suitable for those following a plant-based diet. Yes, they're vegan (weird, I know) but they're loaded with artificial ingredients and refined sugars, as well as containing gluten which is something many of us avoid.

I decided to make my own super healthy, super delicious version of the Oreo cookie with a very special twist....matcha cream filling! I've collaborated with Rise Organics to bring you this recipe and I can honestly say that their matcha makes this's the purest, yumminess matcha I've ever tasted and goes alongside the chocolate cookies so well.

The cookie part of this recipe is one I'm really proud of; the ingredients are simple yet the consistency is absolutely perfect! You'll need oat flour (pre-bought or just blend up your own oats into a flour), ground almonds, raw cacao powder, maple syrup and coconut oil. The biscuit comes out with a nice crunch but still has that delicious slight softness we all love in a cookie!

The filling is simple too, just blend cashews (pre-soaked), matcha and maple syrup.....easy peasy and super delicious! But why did I include matcha in the filling? Well, not only does Matcha Green Tea powder taste utterly scrumptious but it's loaded with amazing nutrients too! Matcha in it's purest form, like the Rise Organics premium ceremonial powder, is one of the highest forms of antioxidants out there! This means it'll help fight against the effects of free-radical damage, give us younger & healthier looking skin and prevent against chronic disease.
Matcha is also famous for it's energy boosting powers as it contains caffeine and a unique combination of nutrients that'll really up your energy without any of the negative effects you get from coffee (such as shaking, nervousness and hypertension). The energy you get from matcha is nothing but good, clean energy that'll promote concentration and clarity of mind....perfect!
Then there's the fact matcha green tea has been shown to have antibiotic properties with nutrients like vitamins A & C, iron and calcium to promote overall health & wellbeing. Matcha has been shown to ramp up metabolic rate, burn fat and even boost your mood!

See, these Oreo's really are a nutritional powerhouse! You can buy your Rise Organics Matcha Powder here.

- This blog post contains a paid advertorial from Rise Organics but all opinions are my own, as always -

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