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Monday, 29 August 2016

The Confidence To Go Bare Faced

I've loved makeup since I was a young teen; I remember being super excited when I purchased my first mascara and wondering how I lived before concealer. I love makeup but it started to become a necessity for me rather than a tool to highlight by features and express myself. I started to look at makeup as something to hide behind, to cover what I thought were 'flaws' and I couldn't go a day without applying a full face of makeup, from foundation to mascara and bronzer to lipstick.

At first I didn't notice anything wrong with this, it's normal for a young woman to wear makeup every day isn't it? But it escalated and I'd become obsessed with making sure my makeup was perfect before leaving the house, I'd spend at least half an hour on my makeup before popping down to the corner shop to pick up some essentials and I wouldn't even want to be seen by my family without at least having some concealer on. I'd spend an endless amount of time examining my face up close in the mirror before I'd even consider leaving the house and I can't even count the times I cancelled plans because I felt too self conscious to go out.

One day it clicked that this wasn't normal or healthy and that if I didn't do something this issue would only get worse; I'd end up find it harder and harder to be seen bare faced which isn't what I wanted at all. I wanted to be confident make-up free, I wanted my freedom back, so I decided to challenge myself - I told myself to start with wearing less makeup then gradually go out with not a speck of makeup on my face, even if it was just to walk the dogs around the fields.
It definitely took a while for that confidence to build up and I'm not going to pretend it was easy or that there weren't moments I just wanted to retreat and hide under my duvet but I did it and now I can go out without a scrap of makeup on my face - something I thought I'd never be capable of! I won't even think about putting makeup on to walk the dogs or go to the local shop now and it doesn't bother me if have to answer the door to the postman or gardner bare-faced.

People Don't Care
The thing to remember is that people aren't actually looking at you, staring at you, judging you or analysing the way you look. Chances are they're more concerned about themselves than they are about you, but even if they were looking at you I bet they're looking with envy rather than anything else! When was the last time you looked a lady wearing no makeup and thought 'ew, she's got no makeup on!' never, right?

Spots Or Blemishes Aren't The End Of The World
I always thought I looked repulsive without makeup, that every blemish was like a mountain on my face and every spot was an erupting volcano but they're such tiny things that you notice yourself more than anyone else will. Besides, everyone gets spots, it's normal and they're not imperfections.

Fake It 'Til You Make It
It's only very recently I've genuinely felt quite confident wearing no makeup in front of people, before that I tried my best to fake that confidence! Confidence shines through and it's one of the most attractive and beautiful qualities someone can have, so even if you feel like retreating or hiding away make sure you stand up tall, hold your head high and act like you don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. Before you know it this confidence will be natural!

Don't Compare Yourself
Comparison only leads to hurt, disappointed and self loathing. You can admire the features of  somebody else but don't use them as a way to criticise how you look and put yourself down. We're all very different which is wonderful and we must embrace it.

Makeup can be fun and creative but it can be damaging too. I think it's really important to not become reliant on makeup to make you feel confident and beautiful because that is unhealthy and it can lead to all sorts of issues. I always saw makeup as something I could hide behind but when I realised I didn't actually need it I felt the most amazing freedom and self acceptance that's more confidence boosting than even the most expensive foundation or a high end bronzer could be.

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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