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Thursday, 31 August 2017

'PB & J' Protein Smoothie Bowl

Summer made an appearance for a few more days this week, which had me craving smoothie bowls. They're my favourite thing to have for breakfast on a warm morning; they're refreshing, satisfying, filling, delicious and full of goodness. My latest smoothie bowl creation is this heavenly 'peanut butter & jam' flavour bowl....and yes, it really is as amazing as it sounds.

This smoothie bowl is so easy to make and takes no time at all but it's something very special! It's also contains the three important macronutrients - healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein. I added The Good Guru's vegan protein in Vanilla & Wild Berries flavour to this smoothie bowl which I find really excenuates the 'jam' flavour I'm going for and also keeps me feeling fuller for longer throughout the morning.

This smoothie bowl is so creamy thanks to the frozen banana which kind of turns into an ice-cream like consistency when blended, the strawberries add the best flavour and pretty pink colour, the peanut butter adds even more creaminess and an unbeatable flavour and the protein powder from The Good Guru sweetness the bowl up even more and adds such a yummy taste and thick texture.

Try topping your smoothie bowl with fresh strawberries, some chopped peanuts and a swirl of peanut butter. They're totally optional but I think toppings make all the difference!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Berry Ice-Cream Pops

These 3 ingredient ice-cream pops are simply heaven - they're my new favourite Summer treat recipe and I can't wait for you to recreate them!

Notice they're called 'ice-cream pops', this is because the texture of them is far more like ice-cream than it is like an ice-lolly. They're creamy, thick and perfectly sweet with a summery berry flavour thanks to The Good Gurus Good Berries Powder blended into the mix. I used this mix instead of fresh berries to ensure there were no seeds, that it would blend super smoothly and also to get a mixture of lots of berry flavours (blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry & cranberry) at no extra cost or expense - it's so easy having it all in one pot!

The 2 main ingredients are frozen banana and coconut cream, which is what makes the texture so wonderfully creamy and so like that of ice-cream! The combination of these two ingredients also tastes delicious and the banana brings that all important natural sweetness so there's no need for any added sugars. I then add in the Good Berries powder for a beautiful baby pink colour, a hit of anti-oxidants and amazing flavour.  I then drizzled a little dark chocolate across each ice-cream pop for decoration and a little something extra, but that's a totally optional step!


Monday, 14 August 2017

Crispy Tofu & Satay Sauce

I've been trying to perfect crispy tofu for what seems like forever! Tofu is most delicious, in my opinion, when it's crispy on the outside yet still soft on the inside but it can be tricky to get that combination right. My tofu never seems to go crispy enough, but I've discovered a secret ingredient that makes the crispiest, tastiest tofu ever and I just had to share it with you!

This simple yet game-changing recipe for crispy tofu and a wonderful peanut satay sauce is my new favourite thing.The satay sauce drizzled over this cubes of crispy tofu is undeniably more-ish!

The secret ingredient to make the tofu this crispy is sesame flour! I got mine from Sukrin but you could also just blend sesame seeds in a high-power blender and create the same thing. I find the sesame flour adds an amazing texture to the outside of the tofu too and adds to that Asian style vibe I was going for.

The satay sauce is a new invention of mine but I can tell I'm going to make it again and again! It's super quick and easy to make but really adds something special to this recipe and pairs perfectly with the tofu or works like a dream drizzled over a stir fry.


Friday, 11 August 2017

Red Roaster Review - Brighton

Eating out in Brighton is always a joy. There's no shortage of amazing eateries and there's everything you can think of from the cutest cafes to fine restaurants and juice bars to delis. There's also a huge selection of cafes and restaurants that cater to those with specific dietary requirements which is amazing if like me you're gluten free and following a plant-based diet!

The latest gem of an eatery I've discovered in Brighton is Red Roaster, which is located in Kemptown Brighton. It's a luxury cafe with a beautiful setting, breath-taking decor, a tranquil feel and the most delicious coffee you could dream of.

As I said above, Red Roaster is located in Kemptown (on St James Street to be exact) so makes a great stop off point for brunch or lunch before either wandering along the pier and seafront or heading to the shops for a little retail therapy. It's a central location but tucked away just enough that it isn't crazy busy or noisy whilst sitting in there - winner winner.

As me and my partner walked into Red Roaster I was amazed at the decor; it's modern, botanical, airy, light, clean, spacious and somewhat tranquil. There's a marble bar down one side of the restaurant which is in-front of an open kitchen (something I truly love) and down the other side were the tables. There was more seating upstairs as well as a cosy looking courtyard out the back, which I couldn't help but think would be an amazing place to work from or host a lunch meeting. The decor and feel of Red Roaster made a real change from the often cluttered or claustrophobic cafes you can find in Brighton! 

We were shown to a table almost immediately when we walked in - the waitress who sat us down and showed us the menus was very friendly, smiley and relaxed which gave me such a nice feeling about the place (I can't stand anything less than spectacular customer service!). 
We started by choosing our drinks - I'd already decided I had to try one of their coffees, it is what they're famous for after all, so I went for a cinnamon iced coffee made with almond milk and my partner went for a beer. My iced coffee came in the most beautiful, large glass with ice and straw....the first sip simply blew my mind! Okay, coffee's coffee but this was exquisite! The coffee was rich yet smooth and the cinnamon swirling through it gave this added depth, warmth and sweetness which was heavenly. I gulped the whole thing down far too quickly!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Beetroot Brownie Slices

A gooey, rich chocolate brownie is my absolute weakness. I can't resist a slice of fudgy chocolate heaven with a cup of tea!

I've done my fair share of healthy brownie recipe testing in the past, but this new recipe for beetroot brownie slices has got to be up there with one of my favourites yet. Ok, you might not think beetroot would work so well in a brownie but trust me on makes the brownies SO moist, perfectly fudgy and super delicious. I promise, it doesn't taste like you're eating a beetroot cake at all.

These brownies are pure indulgence - they're sweet, they're rich and they're so more-ish (I dare you to try and not eat the whole batch in a day!). These brownies may taste naughty but they're actually loaded with nourishing, natural ingredients; the beetroot means you're contributing to your 5 a day by eating a chocolate brownie, what could be better? I also used only natural sweetener from coconut sugar, raw cacao powder for pure chocolate goodness, oat and buckwheat flour for gluten free, easily digestible flour alternatives and chia seeds to help bind everything together.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

'Jelly & Ice Cream' Protein Parfait

When I first tried the Vanilla & Wild Berries protein powder from The Good Guru it reminded me of something, and that something was jelly and ice cream! Yep, this protein powder tastes so much like jelly and ice cream which is dreamy.

I knew I had to create a recipe using this protein, and I've come up with this incredible 'Jelly & Ice Cream' Protein Parfait which is my new favourite thing. It tastes like a dessert but is loaded with goodness and free from refined sugars. It's high in protein too so makes the best ever post-workout snack option!

The jelly layer is made using chia seeds which helps give that jelly like consistency! I soaked the chia seeds in almond milk blended with raspberries to give a raspberry jelly flavour. This jelly layer is also incredibly filling, high in fibre and you get a boost of healthy fats from the chia seeds too which contribute to glowing skin and shiny hair.

The 'ice cream' layer is made using yogurt (I used soya) and the Vanilla & Wild Berries protein powder from The Good Guru, which when mixed together create a gorgeously thick texture. I also mixed in some Good Berries powder from The Good Guru to give an added berry taste and some anti-oxident goodness.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

5 Helpful Tips If You Work From Home

Working from home has it's pros and cons - yes you can stay in trackies all day if you wish, you can take breaks whenever you fancy and you can choose the hours you work but it also means you have to be very strict with yourself, you have to manage your time well and you have to be a top organiser.

I'm very lucky that I have my own business and get to run it from the comfort of my own home, which I do love but it definitely has challenging moments. I found it a real struggle transitioning from going out to work 5 days a week to working in the same building I live in. It's harder than you might think and it's been a learning curve, that's for sure!

Here are my top tips to keep you feeling happy, motivated and organised if you work from home.

Have A Separate Work Area
I find if I'm living and working in the same space I can go a little bit crazy! I don't feel so motivated, I get easily distracted and it's hard to find the separation between what's personal space and what's work space. A good way to deal with this is to find a separate work area in your house, if you're lucky enough to have a spare bedroom or a study then that's amazing - use that, but if not is there a corner of a room you could put a desk and use that as your work station? Try and make sure the space is in a quiet area of the house, somewhere you won't be interrupted, and preferably somewhere light and airy. Having this separate area (even if its just a corner of a room) helps you have a little bit of separation and I guarantee you'll feel more productive if you have a separate space to 'go to work'.

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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