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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Berry Ice-Cream Pops

These 3 ingredient ice-cream pops are simply heaven - they're my new favourite Summer treat recipe and I can't wait for you to recreate them!

Notice they're called 'ice-cream pops', this is because the texture of them is far more like ice-cream than it is like an ice-lolly. They're creamy, thick and perfectly sweet with a summery berry flavour thanks to The Good Gurus Good Berries Powder blended into the mix. I used this mix instead of fresh berries to ensure there were no seeds, that it would blend super smoothly and also to get a mixture of lots of berry flavours (blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry & cranberry) at no extra cost or expense - it's so easy having it all in one pot!

The 2 main ingredients are frozen banana and coconut cream, which is what makes the texture so wonderfully creamy and so like that of ice-cream! The combination of these two ingredients also tastes delicious and the banana brings that all important natural sweetness so there's no need for any added sugars. I then add in the Good Berries powder for a beautiful baby pink colour, a hit of anti-oxidants and amazing flavour.  I then drizzled a little dark chocolate across each ice-cream pop for decoration and a little something extra, but that's a totally optional step!

Why not experiment with this recipe? Add in some whole raspberries to the ice-pop moulds, stir in dark chocolate pieces or cover entirely in chocolate for a choc-ice type creation!

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