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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Cookie Dough Truffles

I'm putting it out there, these cookie dough truffles might be the best things I've ever made! Ok, I've said that about a few things but these really are ground-breaking. They're unbelievably more-ish, exquisitely delicious yet full of goodness! They also have a secret ingredient which may sound a little odd but just trust me, go with it and be prepared to be blown away!

The magic ingredient? Chickpeas. You might associate chickpeas with hummus, curries, salads perhaps but probably not sweet treats, am I right? I used to do the same but I'd heard of people making things like meringue and blondies from chickpeas, so I had a go at making this cookie dough truffles using chickpeas as the main ingredient for the cookie dough and I was beyond happy with how they turned out! The chickpeas soak up the vanilla flavouring, the creamy cashew butter and the sweet maple syrup - you end up just getting the cookie-dough like texture with none of the chickpea flavour. In fact, I made all my family try one of these truffles (they all LOVED them) but none of them guessed chickpeas were in them, even when I said there was a strange ingredient in them.

I combined the chickpeas with oat flour for more of a cookie texture, cashew butter for added creaminess, maple syrup for a natural sweetener, vanilla protein powder (I used the MissFits Vanilla as it has the best texture of all vegan protein powders I've tried - you can get £5 off your order with the code NOURISHINGAMELIA5 too!) for a wonderful flavour and to add to the cookie dough texture, then coated the balls in pure, rich dark chocolate and topped with a few chopped nuts for a little crunch and something extra.

By the time I'm typing this recipe up all the Cookie Dough Truffles have been eaten (they hardly lasted a day!), and my goodness I'm craving some more. They're just the best treats!

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