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Friday, 10 November 2017

An Evening With AEG At School Of Wok

On 1st November I was invited down to School Of Wok in London for an exclusive masterclass at the award-winning Asian and Oriental cookery school with leading appliance brand AEG. I was so excited to get this invitation as I love Asian food and of course had heard of AEG - they're such a massive brand! I was intrigued to find out what we'd be making and I was eager to try out the AEG kitchen appliances.

So, on 1st November I head to School Of Wok, which is located close to Covent Garden in London, for the event - taking my boyfriend along as he's also a huge Asian cuisine lover. We were greeted with prosecco which kicked the evening off nicely, and then we were shown to our kitchen stations.
There were two large kitchen stations (like islands) in the front room of the cookery school, each kitted out with several places for all the attendees - we each had a chopping board, an impressive looking knife, measuring utensils and a set of ingredients ready to be cooked!

We were welcomed by someone from AEG who gave us a quick talk about the appliances we'd be using and introduced us to the new Mastery Range which 'aims to satisfy those looking for the ultimate responsive cooking experience to take taste further'! The new range includes an amazing sounding dishwasher called the ComfortLift which is designed to gently lift the lower rack to a more convenient working height - perfect for those with a bad back. A CustomFlex fridge freezer with door storage that can be customised to all your needs, an intelligent Hob2Hood that automatically adjusts to your cooking activity on the hob so you can concentrate on the task at hand. The range is a real range to impress and is designed to help you in the kitchen every step of the way. What's more, the whole range is super sleek and clean cut with liner lines and stylish facades.

After this short talk, School Of Wok's founders Nev welcomed us. He told us a little bit about the cookery school and how him and his business partner actually didn't have the funds to open their dream business, until AEG came along and said they'd donate their appliances to the school to help them get up and running (hurray for AEG!). He then explained we'd be making a sweet and sour dish (I did sweet and sour aubergine) and a side dish (I had crispy tofu balls), he told us how we'd be making them and showed us specific chopping skills which were pretty cool - who knew there was a particular way to cut a pepper?!

For the stir fry dish we had to make what Nev called 'Wok Clocks', this is where you arrange the vegetables on the plate in the order they'll be going into the pan. You place the veggies in a clockwise motion, ending with whatever will be going in last OR the garnish - so in this case the pineapple and the spring onion. Once we'd prepared our vegetables and made a delicious sauce with ketchup (of all things!), white wine vinegar, cranberries, star anise and other yummy ingredients we headed on through to the back room of School Of Wok to get cooking!

We were cooking on AEG induction hobs which were just something else. I've become a little bit of a kitchen appliance snob after getting into this industry and I have to say the AEG hobs were super impressive! Even though School Of Wok was founded back in 2009 and hundreds of people have cooked on them the hobs look brand new and super sleek with a touch screen type control. Nev talked to us about the hob and showed us just how quickly they heated up - they were ready to use in a matter of seconds, but the room stayed so nice and cool thanks to the induction hob not actually giving off heat to the rest of the room - pretty amazing! He showed us how we'd be cooking the food and away we went to do it ourselves. We threw everything into our wok the wok clock way - veggies like onion and pepper went in first to allow for more cooking time followed by the aubergine and pineapple then lastly the sweet and sour sauce was mixed in. We dished our finished stir fry up, garnished with a little spring onion and went back through to the main room where the kitchen stations had been transformed into set dining tables ready to sit at and enjoy our feast!

We all sat down and were served our dishes with delicious sticky rice and a class of wine, which was utter perfection. The stir fry tasted exquisite - so full of flavour and cooked just right. I think it's safe to say we all left the event feeling like fully fledged 'Wok Stars'!

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