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Thursday, 2 November 2017

Roasted Pumpkin Quinoa Bowl With Tahini Dressing

Halloween is over and pumpkin season is coming to an end. Before pumpkins are forgotten about again until next Autumn I wanted to share one last recipe with you which could hopefully help you use up that leftover pumpkin or you could even make this recipe with butternut squash instead!

Roasted pumpkin is a new discovery of mine, and boy do I wish I'd known about it sooner! I'd never thought to roast pumpkin before but it's honestly my new favourite thing. The pumpkin goes super tender, soft and sweet when roasted just with a little olive oil, salt & pepper and is a fantastic edition to loads of dishes, including this roared pumpkin quinoa bowl with tahini dressing.

This bowl of pure nourishment is bursting with colour, flavour and goodness. It's also wonderfully filling thanks to the quinoa and pumpkin, it leaves you feeling like a superstar thanks to the array of veggies, there's a subtle sweetness from the pomegranate seeds and the creamy tahini dressing adds something quite special to the dish. The roasted pumpkin is paired perfectly with all the other flavours and is especially incredible with a little dressing drizzled over the top!

Cooking the pumpkin is super easy too. Simply cut it into long slices of cubes (no need to remove the skin - it goes really soft in the oven) then place on a baking tray with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkling of salt & pepper. Roast for 25 minutes and voila! Or, as I said above you can do this exact same recipe with either butternut squash or sweet potato when pumpkins are no longer available.

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