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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Almond & Pecan Caramel Squares

A new sweet treat is in town, and they're going down a storm! Say hello to these gooey, indulgent, creamy, nutty Almond & Pecan Caramel Squares complete with oaty base, all natural salted almond caramel middle layer and a topping of crunchy pecans and flaked almonds. Each bite of one of these squares just melts in your mouth in the most heavenly way, and let me warn you's almost impossible to stop at just one square!

I always find myself craving something sweet in the day, especially after my evening meal, but instead of reaching for the over-processed, refined sugar filled shop bought snacks I always like to have something homemade at hand. I know exactly what's gone into the recipe as well being assured all the ingredients are vegan friendly and gluten free!

These Almond & Pecan Caramel Squares are my new favourite - they're super sweet without being sickly, they've got that incredible caramel taste combined with the crunchy nuts which is just a match made in heaven and they're a dream with a steaming cup of tea.

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