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Monday, 21 May 2018

Currently Loving - Buckwheat!

When I first went gluten free I ate buckwheat all the time, it's naturally free from gluten and it's easy to digest so it made a great occupnment to lunches and dinners, or even made into a porridge for a delicious and filling breakfast. Recently I've rediscovered my love for buckwheat with it's slightly nutty taste, ability to really fill me up and it's wealth of nutrients that leave me feeling energised and happy!

Last week was Coeliac Awareness Week (yeah, bit late I know) so I wanted to share a little more about the grain (that's actually technically a seed) because it really was a staple in my diet after I was diagnosed.

As mentioned above buckwheat is actually a seed. It's naturally gluten free, high in fibre, high in protein and a lot easier on the digestive system than lots of grains out there. Buckwheat comes in a variety of forms such as groats, flour or even buckwheat flakes (like porridge!) and it really is worthy of its superfood title.

Buckwheat is a great food if you have coeliac disease, suffer with gluten intolerance or even if you just have a slightly delicate digestive system. Buckwheat contains more fibre than oats and really contributes to a healthy, happy digestive system. The high fibre content really helps fill you up (and for a long time) plus it eases the transit of food through the digestive tract and can even protect the digestive organs from disease and infection by preventing oxidative stress within the digestive tract. On top of this it's non-allergenic and can help with symptoms like bloating.

Buckwheat is also fab if you're following a plant based diet as it contains all 12 essential amino acids - the building blocks of protein (this is rare in plant based foods). This supports muscle growth, muscle repair and all bodily functions really. It also massively helps with increasing your energy, something you're bound to need if you've just been diagnosed with coeliac disease as chronic fatigue is a well known symptom.

Buckwheat helps to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, contains amazing levels of vitamins & minerals including zinc, iron and folate plus it contributes to healthy hair, improved circulation and clear skin. All in all it's pretty darn great!

I buy my buckwheat from Grape Tree, it's £1.99 for 500g so amazing value for money too!

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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