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Sunday, 25 November 2018

Reduce Stress with Link Nutrition

This time of year sure is magical in so many ways, but it can also be very stressful and anxiety inducing! I personally find the end of the year a little tough - my workload seems to double, deadlines creep on me, it's difficult to balance work/social life and don't even get me started on tax returns.

Instead of admitting defeat and curling up under my duvet until February (which is ever so tempting) there's a few rituals that have become ever so important during my week to stop me feeling overwhelmed and full of stress.

Firstly I wanted to tell you about a supplement I have been taking for a couple of months now that's specifically designed to reduce stress. It's called Relax from Link Nutrition and I honestly love it! This blog post is Kindly sponsored by the brand, but I want to make it very clear I genuinely have taken their products for months and truly love everything about them.
The Relax supplement is a targeted blend of B vitamins and soothing botanicals to balance and protect you against the stresses of everyday life. The unique formula contains magnesium and B vitamins which have been proven to reduce fatigue and promote normal psychological function. The presence of L Theanine (commonly found in green tea) helps to promote relaxation without sedation! Turmeric is also added to the supplement, this is fight inflammation often caused by stress and anxiety. The product is vegetarian, gluten free and contains raw ingredients! As I said, I've been taking this supplement for a while now and I really do think it's helped me feel a lot more calm and collected at times I'd otherwise be ridden with stress. Whether this is a placebo effect or not I don't know, but either way it's doing something!

I know, I know, everyone says it...but yoga really is fantastic for stress relief. I find if I go more than a couple of says without jumping on my mat my anxiety gets far worse, I become irritable and I feel mentally quite foggy. Yoga enables you to become more focused on the present moment and encourages you to take time for yourself, increase self-compassion and promote mindfulness. I'll either follow a flow online (there are so many on YouTube) or I'll find a Spotify playlist and just let my body move how it wants to for 30 minutes.

Perhaps an underrated tip when it comes to stress reduction but arguably the most important. Sleep effects every aspect of our body and lack of sleep can cause us so many problems. Aim for minimum 8 hours of sleep a night, trying to get to bed before 11 for extra points! If you have trouble getting to sleep then have a relaxing bath, stay away from screens at least an hour before bedtime, listen to calming music, have a mint or chamomile tea or maybe read a book. Try to get to bed at roughly the same time each day so your mind and body get used to this routine - trust me, it helps.

Social Media Detox
A blogger advisering to stay away from social media? Yep, that's right. I've made a conscious effect recently to reduce the time I spend on social media, and my goodness does it help with stress relief. Social media can be amazing but it can also cause us to become obsessed with comparing our lives to others - wondering why we don't look like that, why we're not going on that holiday, why we don't have a big group of friends, etc. It can also take us away from the present moment, which is never good for anxiety!

Go Slow
As soon as I start rushing around that's when anxiety sets in, so I like to take it slow when I can. This is particular important to me in the mornings - if I woke up late and had to scoff down breakfast and get ready for the day in 10 minutes I'd be a wreck, but when I give my and get ready in my own time I feel so much more ready for the day, I feel calmer and I'm always way more productive too.

Go For A Walk
Having a dog forces me to go for walks every single day, even when I don't really feel like it. This is a blessing in disguise as it really does help me feel less stress and less anxious! If you can, try and go for walks surrounded by nature as this has proven mental health benefits - many studies have actually shown nature can lift your mood and increase feelings of joy. Being around nature makes you feel more calm and more positive too! I go for at least a 45 minute walk every day, but if you can't manage that try at least once a week or try to incorporate more walking into your everyday life - for example walking to walk instead of driving, getting off the bus one stop earlier, parking a little further away from the shops, have walking meetings instead of sitting in an office, etc!

I hope some of these tips have been useful, and they help you lead a happier & less stressed out life this Winter!

    Live Happy, Live Healthy


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