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Thursday, 31 January 2019

5 Things I'm Doing To Be More Sustainable

One of my aims for 2019 is to be more sustainable and as environmentally friendly as I can.
I'm becoming more and more aware of the fragile state the Earth is in and I think it's so important we all do our bit to help preserve our world for future generations and prevent irreversible damage from occurring.

My lifestyle is already pretty eco-friendly but I know I can make changes that will help the environment and even save me money too!
We can all do our bit and every little really does help. It's not about making dramatic changes and no-one's lifestyle is perfect, but a few simple swaps and conscious changes can make all the difference.

Loose Fruit & Veg
I'm guilty of buying pre-packaged fruit and vegetables in the supermarket and it's something I've already started changing this year. We all know plastic is horrendous for the planet, so reducing the amount of single use plastic we use is absolutely vital! Buying loose fruit & veg is such a simple way to do this, and it saves you money too.
Most supermarkets offer a lot of fruit & veg loose - bananas, courgettes, mushrooms, broccoli, oranges, peppers, etc, and they're almost always cheaper than buying the pre-packaged equivalent. I bought myself some re-usable bags to take with me to the shops to put my fruit & veg so there's no mess and you don't have loose lemons rolling around all over the place.

Buying Glass
Sometimes buying products in plastic packaging is unavoidable, but when possible I'm going to be buying jars of things instead of bottles. I'm talking condiments in particular! My boyfriend and I love a bit of ketchup and mayo, but now opt for buying the glass jars or glass bottles over the plastic alternatives. The product tastes the same, costs the same and there's no plastic waste! Plus, you can reuse the glass jars for clever storage afterwards.

and talking of plastic, stop buying plastic water bottles and plastic straws! Like right now!

Less Clothes
I'm guilty of making rather a lot of ASOS orders (damn you free next day delivery and fabulous sales) but I'm aware of how bad for the environment fast fashion is. I follow Venetia Falconer on instagram who's opened my eyes to this and inspired me to re-vamp and rewear old clothes! A simple thing such as pairing two items together that'd you've never worn together before really does refresh your wardrobe! Or buying staple accessories to jazz up an old outfit is great too.
If I'm going to treat myself to a new outfit I'm going to make a conscious effort to invest in timeless pieces I know I will get a load of wear out of for years to come.

Homemade Beauty
I'm quite the beauty lover and do love trying out new products, but since I've realised how easy it is to make your own products I've definitely cut down on the amount I buy.
I make my own body scrubs, I use coconut oil as a moisturiser and even make up remover (which I buy in glass jars) and it's super fun to make your own face masks too. Let me know if you'd like the recipe for these!

Less Water
Who else can be guilty of leaving the water running when brushing your teeth or doing the dishes? I can! I do actually do this completely unconsciously...force of habit I suppose, but recently I've been really trying to limit my water usage. I'm as quick as I can be in the shower, I always turn the tap off when brushing my teeth, I'm careful with how much water I use when doing the washing up and I'm making sure I only use the washing machine when there's a full load.
Simple changes like this make all the difference!

As the year goes on I'm sure I'll think of more and more ways I can be more sustainable, but these are my 5 goals for now. They way be simple, but even in one month I've noticed how much less waste I've used and I feel so much better knowing I'm consciously trying to better myself.

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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