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Thursday, 2 May 2019

Bath Eats - Gluten Free & Veggie Cafes/Restaurants In Bath

I've just got back from a 4 day getaway in the beautiful city of Bath and I was so impressed with the cities foodie offerings that I just had to write a blog post about my experiences!

I'm always a little nervous about the food options when visiting new places as my dietary requirements are kind of extensive. I'm gluten free, dairy free and I don't eat meat! Often there aren't many restaurants or cafes that will cater to my needs, and the ones that do often only have one or two dishes for me to choose from. However, I had done my research into Bath before we visited so I was feeling pretty hopeful we'd find some yummy places to eat...and I wasn't disappointed!


Cosy Club
A few people recommended Cosy Club for meals whilst in Bath and I'm so glad they did. Cosy Club have a few different restaurants dotted around the country, but sadly none around West Sussex (where I'm from) so I hadn't actually heard of them before. Cosy Clubs describe themselves as 'relaxed dining, drinking and lounging in a special setting with a dash of nostalgia' 'from a lazy breakfast to a family lunch or night out in your glad rags, were set apart by the character of our team, the opulence of our design and the excellence of our menus' - and I'd 100% agree with it all.
Admittedly I originally picked Cosy Club because I thought my boyfriend would like the pub style feel and quirk interior, but once I researched their menu I was thrilled to see they had both a gluten free menu AND a vegan menu - so that decided it, we had to pay them a visit! In fact, we visited the restaurant twice over the 4 days we were in Bath.

We visited the first time for dinner. It was a warm evening and we were seated on the balcony/terrace outside which was complete with heaters and cosy blankets if we were to get cold - a nice touch I thought. We were seated by a super helpful gentleman who couldn't do more to help me with my dietary requirements - he got me both the gluten free menu and vegan menu then sat down with us to go through all my options, he even went to the kitchen to double check a few things. There was actually loads of dishes I could've had including gluten free fish and chips, a superfood bowl and a Thai curry. In the end I settled for the Thai veggie burger - a spicy quinoa burger with edamame beans, pan choi, roasted peppers, coconut sauce and sweet chilli jam, served in a gluten free bun with fries on the side. I was mega excited because it's rare there's a veggie burger on a menu that's also gluten free, let alone served in a gluten free bun WITH chips!
The service was quick which was fab as they were super busy and I was hangry! It arrived and I was assured again that it was all gluten free and vegan. When I took my first bite I was totally blown away by the delicious flavour, I'm sure you know a lot of veggie burgers can be quite bland or sometimes dry but not this. The gluten free bun was also superb and the fries were out of this world. I demolished every last bit of the meal and could have quite easily eaten it all over again!

We were so impressed with the meal we decided to re-visit Cosy Club on our last morning in Bath to try out their brunch menu, which we had eyed up previously! Again, there was quite a few choices for me but I opted for the gluten free Vegetarian Fritters. This did come with halloumi and sweetcorn fritters which I obviously couldn't eat because of my diary intolerance but I simply swapped it out for an extra poached egg. The brunch place of gluten free toast, potato rosti, mushroom, grilled tomato, spinach, baked beans and poached eggs arrived and it was enormous! Cosy Club certainly aren't stingy with their portion sizes. In fact, I couldn't quite finish my meal which is saying something as I never ever leave food! Everything was utterly delicious though, and the only slight thing I would have changed was the potato rosti could have been a little bit more cooked.

All in all I was super impressed with Cosy Club and I'd really recommend it for brunch and dinner. The prices were fab, the service was great, the food was delicious and the restaurant itself was clean, quirky and interesting.

I'm always up for trying new pizza places, so I was delighted to find this gem of a pizzeria in Bath called Dough who's motto 'pizza for everyone is our passion' really stood out to me!
They're an independent and family run business who have years of expertise to bring customers the best authentically Italian pizza every time. They specialise in a vast selection of pizza bases - including a variety of gluten free options! They had hemp base, turmeric base, purple corn and more - it was super impressive. They also had dairy free cheese on offer which was a massive plus.
All their pizza bases are freshly made on site by specialist artisans, the bases are rustic and authentically Italian.

It took me a while to choose my pizza as there were so many options....they even made gluten free calzone! I eventually decided I wanted to try the Pizza Parcel which is described as a square parcel filled with vegan cheese, aubergine, courgette, peppers and olives - right up my street.
The pizza arrived really quickly to our table and my goodness did it look good! It was a huge portion and I was unsure whether I'd be able to finish it all, but once I took my first bite I knew I'd have to eat every last crumb. The pizza was out of this world..I mean, the dough was something really special and you couldn't definitely tell it was freshly made. You know how sometimes gluten free pizza bases are either a funny texture, or too thin or really floppy? Not an issue here! The vegan cheese they used was amazing too! The one thing I would have changed is there was no tomato sauce on the pizza - to be fair it didn't state tomato on the pizza description, but I just thought all pizzas had tomato base!

After our meal my boyfriend said 'I'd get the train to Bath purely to eat that pizza again!' - I think that goes to show you how great it was.

Giggling Squid
I'm totally aware there are Giggling Squid restaurants all over the country, but I couldn't not mention it. We visiting the Thai restaurant on our last evening in Bath because after a burger and pizza we fancied a meal that was a bit fresher - and boy oh boy did we make a good choice!
Giggling Squid has plenty of gluten free and veggie options to choose from. I didn't know whether to go for the pad thai or the Thai curry as they both sounded fab, but I decided upon the red Thai curry with prawns in the end. The meal arrived within about 3 minutes - no joke! The service was ridiculously fast...we didn't even have a chance to have a sip of our drinks before the food arrived.
I was given a large plate that was lovely a warm then a hot pot of the prawn Thai curry and a separate bowl of brown rice so I could serve the meal up myself. The rice was cooked to perfection and the flavours in the Thai curry were mouth-wateringly tasty and with just the right amount of spice!
My boyfriend and I were so impressed with the meal and the service that we're already planning on visiting our local Giggling Squid to try more of the menu.
The only complaint I have is that they charge you extra for rice, which seems a little cheeky!

Green Rocket Cafe
This cafe was the most recommended veggie cafe when I asked for Bath foodie suggestions over on Instagram. We visited the cafe on our arrival in Bath as it was really easy to find (located just over the bridge by the river) and I was excited to try their offerings after hearing such great things about their food.
We were sat down in the small but cute cafe and given a menu. At first I wasn't that impressed as their was only one or two dishes that stood out to me and it was missing a few dishes that I had noticed on their IG and was looking forward to trying (namely the vegan sausages and mash!) but nevertheless I was pleased to see a veggie burger on the menu and they even had gluten free bread to act as the bun. I ordered this and asked for vegan cashew cheese on it instead of cheddar, and we also ordered the onion rings to share (yep...gluten free beer-battered onion rings!).
We waited a long time for our food to arrive and when it did I noticed it had what looked like cheddar cheese on it. I'm always so wary with food eating out so did question the waitress to see if it was vegan cheese like I'd asked for, that's when she whisked the burger away saying she didn't think it was and she'd get a fresh burger made. I was kind of annoyed instantly because we had been waiting a while for the food to arrive and I had made it very clear I was dairy intolerant!
Anyway, I had the onion rings to snack on until my new vegan friendly burger arrived. Eventually it did but this time there was no bread/bun...they told me they'd run out. So what I had was a pretty sorry looking vegan burger on a plate with a bit of salad. Oh and vegan cream cheese dolloped on top. The cream cheese was vile tasting, the burger had a great flavour was so crumply and overall the meal wasn't at all satisfying.
I'm sure our experience was a one off because the cafe did come so highly requested! If we return to Bath I would like to try it out again, because I had very high hopes.

Swoon Gelato
The first day we were in Bath was super warm, so of course I craved an ice cream! I did a little googling and eventually found a gelato place that served vegan options. It's located just off a little square in Bath centre and I was pleased to see they had a couple of vegan options for me. One was a mango sorbet and the other a dark chocolate gelato...obviously I chose the choccie option!
I just got one scoop because it looked quite rich, and it was but my goodness it was delicious! It had a wonderful rich taste with a hint of coffee undertones, it was super creamy and just the right amount of sweetness.



This is a vegan cafe in Bath centre that I found when I was craving a green juice! The cafe is super tiny but has a really cute interior with the counter one side and seating the other. They offer food, coffee, juices and baked vegan goodies! I ordered a green juice that honestly tasted like a mojito, it had apple and mint in it which is what made it so damn tasty. I wish I'd ordered some food too because it all looked so tasty....I regret not trying the gluten free & vegan raspberry custard slices.

The Dark Horse
Ok, ok ok. If you like cocktails this place is a MUST! The Dark Horse is a basement cocktail bar with a dark & moody vibe but still super relaxed and welcoming. The cocktail menu is extensive and features some classics as well as unique, seasonal cocktails created in-house. I won't lie, it was pricey (cocktails ranged from around £9-£12) but you really do pay for what you get. The quality of the cocktails was exceptional, they just tasted like pure luxury and I savoured every last sip.
I chose the Golden Bridle which was gin, house-made pineapple & sage shrub, fresh ginger, blackberry & soda and my boyfriend chose the Remus which was rum, scotch, banana, honey, chocolate & bitters...I had a sip of his cocktail and it really tasted like a dessert!

Hall & Woodhouse
As the weather was pretty good when we were in Bath we were on the hunt for a roof top bar, and luckily found one in the city centre. Hall & Woodhouse is a bar & restaurant in the heart of Bath situated in an old auction house. The interior is super impressive and the bar/restaurant is split over 3 floors - downstairs you'll find the Copper Bar as well as 'the pantry' with long bench style seating, sofas and a cosy fireplace too, then you move up the grand central staircase to the dining room with open kitchen area, then of course there's the roof terrace which is a perfect spot for a drink on a sunny evening. We enjoyed a glass of red wine here one evening and I was really impressed with the price of our drinks and also of course the venue itself. We only discovered this spot on our last night, but if we visit Bath again we'll definitely return for another drink or even a meal as the menu looked pretty good.

I'm a matcha addict and can't go a day without my daily matcha latte fix, so I knew I had to find somewhere in Bath that served matcha lattes. A few people recommended Mokoko coffee to me, they have a couple of cafes in Bath and one is right outside the Roman Baths! We ventured there to grab a hot drink one afternoon and I was impressed to find they not only served matcha lattes but also offered a load of dairy free milk options...including Oatly Barista (if you know, you know!). We ordered and went upstairs where all the seating is to find a seat overlooking the street below - a fab spot for people watching by the way! Our drinks were brought up to us and they were exquisite! That might seem a big compliment for whats just a matcha latte, but trust me when I say I've had some bad matcha's in my time and I'm extremely fussy. This matcha was just the right temperate, it was blended well and it was creamy.
Mokoko do also serve food which honestly I wish we'd had a chance to try! It looked like a buffet style of all these incredibly fresh, flavoursome looking dishes that would be fab for lunch.

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