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Sunday, 23 June 2019

Launching My Own Granola!

If you follow me on social media (Nourishing Amelia on everything!) you'll undoubtably have seen my posts about releasing my own granola!
Around 2 years ago I had this amazing idea for Peanut Butter flavoured granola, I did a little research and was shocked to find you couldn't buy it anywhere in the UK...that's when I decided I wanted to create an unbeatable recipe and start selling batches of this delicious granola myself.
It took a while to get from that point to now because I wanted to do this all properly, but now I can happily say we're at the final destination and my crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Clusters are all ready launch tomorrow (24th June)!

Before launch I wanted to share a little bit of information with you regarding the granola and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

What Are The Ingredients?
I've sourced the best quality ingredients for this granola because I really want it to be a premium product! The ingredients are oats, peanut butter (100% peanuts), chopped peanuts, maple syrup, coconut oil, vanilla and cinnamon powder.

What Are The Allergens?
The granola is made in my home kitchen which will always be very throughly cleaned before I make any batch of granola. But as I use the kitchen for all my recipes I can't 100% guarantee the product is free from gluten, dairy, sesame, other nuts and soy.

I will also ensure I wear a hair net and take all necessary hygiene precautions.`

How Much Does It Cost?
I will be offering two size bags of the granola, an 100g bag which will be £3 or a 350g bag which will be sold for £6.

How Do I Pay?
All payments will go through Paypal or if you're local to West Sussex you're welcome to message me to arrange collection.

What About Postage?
I will be sending the granola via Royal Mail 2nd Class so you can expect to receive it within 3-5 working days. Postage and packaging will cost £1.99.

Will You Ship Worldwide?
Unfortunately for the time being I can only ship to the UK.

I’m so excited for this new venture and I cannot wait to share this delicious granola with you all!
Remember - LAUNCHING 24th JUNE!


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Curried Sweet Potato & Lentil Patties

These lightly spiced curried sweet potato & red lentil patties are full of flavour and nourishing goodness! They make the perfect lunch paired with a side salad or even some pitta bread, or you could have them as a more filling meal with some brown rice and mango chutney! They'd even workout fabulously as a starter to an Indian feast!

Sweet potato & red lentils are the perfect pair, their flavours accompany each other so well and of course the colours are a dream together. I've used a medium spiced curry powder and turmeric powder in these patties for a beautiful curry flavour and of course a boost of antioxidants. Talking of nutrients, these patties are brimming with vitamins and minerals! Sweet potato is a brilliant source of vitamin B and vitamin C as well as beta-carotene which coverts to vitamin A once consumed. Red lentils contain plenty of folate, iron, B6 and of course plant based protein. Of course both sweet potato and red lentils are rich in fibre too which is super important for gut health.

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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