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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

12-15 Weeks Pregnancy Diary


I officially turn 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow (where has the time gone?) which means I'm 4 weeks into the second trimester! So far the second trimester has been a breeze compared to the first, but there have been some struggles and some things I didn't expect.

Cravings & Food Aversions

If you read my pregnancy announcement post you'll know I suffered quite badly with nausea in the first trimester and I had a lot of food aversions. I'm happy to report that from week 11 the nausea gradually reduced and my appetite become a little more normal. I can now stomach vegetables which is amazing, I'm back to my beloved porridge in the mornings instead of plain toast and I haven't been sick of felt like I was going to be sick for weeks - yippee!

I'm definitely not back to 100% because I still can't stomach dark chocolate, I still don't really like spice and I still get moments of feeling sicky. I'm hoping as the days and weeks go on I feel better and better because I miss cooking and getting excited about food!


I have a lot more energy than I did in the first trimester, where some days I struggled to climb the stairs, but I'm still feeling very tired in the afternoons and evenings. I seem to have one day where my energy is higher so I'll go on a long walk or exert myself a little more, then the following day I'll feel absolutely exhausted!

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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