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Wednesday, 19 August 2020

12-15 Weeks Pregnancy Diary


I officially turn 16 weeks pregnant tomorrow (where has the time gone?) which means I'm 4 weeks into the second trimester! So far the second trimester has been a breeze compared to the first, but there have been some struggles and some things I didn't expect.

Cravings & Food Aversions

If you read my pregnancy announcement post you'll know I suffered quite badly with nausea in the first trimester and I had a lot of food aversions. I'm happy to report that from week 11 the nausea gradually reduced and my appetite become a little more normal. I can now stomach vegetables which is amazing, I'm back to my beloved porridge in the mornings instead of plain toast and I haven't been sick of felt like I was going to be sick for weeks - yippee!

I'm definitely not back to 100% because I still can't stomach dark chocolate, I still don't really like spice and I still get moments of feeling sicky. I'm hoping as the days and weeks go on I feel better and better because I miss cooking and getting excited about food!


I have a lot more energy than I did in the first trimester, where some days I struggled to climb the stairs, but I'm still feeling very tired in the afternoons and evenings. I seem to have one day where my energy is higher so I'll go on a long walk or exert myself a little more, then the following day I'll feel absolutely exhausted!


In my first trimester I think I exercised 3 or 4 times in 7ish weeks which just isn't like me. I'm used to being super active with daily HIIT workouts, long dog walks, yoga, etc but that all just went completely out the window during the early stages of pregnancy.

Now I have more energy I've been easing myself back into pregnancy-safe workouts which I have been loving! I love feeling strong and fit, and it's really important to me to stay as active as I can during this pregnancy to feel fit for labour and to help me mentally too. I've been loving the Bumps & Burpees workouts and the yoga flows on the Deliciously Ella app.

Mental Health

Mentally I've been feeling good. I definitely feel a little hormonal sometimes but generally I feel the happiest, most calm and content I've ever felt in my life. I wake up in the morning with a real sense of purpose, excitement and admiration for my body that I haven't experienced before and it's been incredible. Don't get me wrong, I have some days when my changing body freaks me out a little, as well as moments when I really think about labour and how my life will change and it scares me. But then I think about what a miracle and a blessing this is, how lucky I am to experience this and all the amazing times we have ahead of us as a family of three.

Bump & Body

My little bump has popped over the last couple of weeks! I still just look like I'm mega bloated but it's a definite bump to me and I've had to start doing the hair tie trick on my jeans because the button won't do up. I can't wait until my bump grows more and I become visibly pregnant!

In terms of the rest of my body, I actually don't think I've put up that much weight anywhere else yet. My clothes still fit ok (unless it's around my tummy/waist), but I'm totally ready and prepared for that changing. My boobs have grown a lot which I've got to admit, I love!

Bring on week 16!

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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