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Wednesday, 30 September 2020

16-21 Weeks Pregnancy Diary


It's official, I'm over halfway through my pregnancy! I can't believe how quickly time has started to go in the last few weeks and I can now say I'm 21 weeks pregnant.

Weeks 16-21 have been the easiest weeks of my pregnancy yet, but it hasn't been as easy as I expected. So many told me I'd get the second trimester energy burst, but I've felt exhausted every day and my mood has been a bit all over the place too. Let me feel you in on the last few weeks.

How I've Felt

As I mentioned above, I've been feeling really tired still! It's not the extreme exhaustion I faced in the first trimester, but more like I need a nap come 1pm and bed past 9pm isn't an option. Working out is still a bit of a struggle, but I have fitted in a few Bumps & Burpees workouts and a few weighted workouts too to try and keep my body strong. Apart from this I'm still walking regularly with my dog and aiming to do pregnancy yoga 4 times a week (even if it's just 15 minutes).

My mood has been the most irregular it's been throughout my pregnancy and I've felt a few down periods, which I didn't expect. I always assumed I'd be 100% happy as soon as I was carrying a baby, but even though I'm not sad about anything specific and I know I have so much to look forward to, I can't help feeling very low some days. I've really tried to take care of myself on these days because having suffered with chronic depression in the past I know I need to stop myself slipping into a downwards spiral. Taking time away from social media, getting into the fresh air, having a bath, seeing family and relaxing all help.

Apart from this I've been feeling good! No nausea, no aches or pains and nothing to complain about - yet. I have noticed the shortness of breath becoming more apparent, especially when walking up hills etc, but I know that's normal due to the extra weight I'm carrying and everything becoming a little more squished inside.

My Body

My bump has obviously grown over these past few weeks, but it's still very small and very low down. I've had a few comments about it which has made me feel a little self conscious, until I tell myself how ridiculous that is! I know my 'proper' baby bump will come!

I haven't weighed myself but I can tell I've put on a few pounds in my arms, face and legs but that's healthy and normal so I'm not letting it bother me. Maternity jeans are a must now, and I've been living in my maternity dungarees or flowy dresses with maternity tights.

Baby Movements & Scan

At 16 weeks I felt the very first movements from baby girl! I felt very tiny little flutters in my lower tummy that got stronger over the next week. From week 18 I've felt much stronger movements and now feel proper kicks/punches that sometimes make me jump and even hurt a little. Billy (baby daddy) has felt them too which has been really special and a great way to help him feel more bonded and connected to baby. It's also helped me bond a lot more and I'm starting to feel like I already know my daughter even though I haven't met her yet.

We had our 20 week scan the other day which all went well. Baby was laying very low down with her head resting on my bladder, so the sonographer made me do lots of walking around and jumping to encourage her to move....but she's stubborn, like her mummy, and wouldn't, so it the scan ended up being an hour and a half long! All measurements were got in the end though, and she's looking very healthy which is the most important thing.

Baby Buys

I've let myself get excited now and we've bought a few bits and pieces for baby! We haven't gone crazy or got any of the big stuff yet, but we've got a few little sleepsuits and cute outfits that I just couldn't resist. George at Asda have some really affordable bits, as do TU at Sainsbury's! H&M have the cutest outfits and I'm eyeing up everything on the Next website. We also found a bargain of a chest of drawers for the nursery so nabbed it while we could.

Our plan is to buy things steadily over the coming weeks so it's not one big much expense all at once or a manic rush buying things last minute. I've made a spreadsheet to budget our spending and keep track of everything we need to get - yep, super organised mumma over here!

The next 18 weeks (until due date) are going to be so excited and soon it'll be time to get busy! I'm started to get really excited about the nursery, big baby buys, starting a hypnobirthing course and more.

Live Happy, Live Healthy


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